Startup Mackay Launched!

Startup Mackay Launched!
Hi Mackay Innovators!

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Not for Profit group Startup Mackay!

Startup Mackay is the region’s leading tech-based entrepreneurship peer-group. Our members are entrepreneurs and like-minded individuals with a passion for technology, business, social causes and empowering people.

We aim to promote events such as Mackay Startup Weekend & Mentor Blaze, organise monthly meetups, teach startup techniques, help entrepreneurs find investment and generally foster the local startup ecosystem.

To connect with us, visit:

FB page:         
FB group:       
Twitter profile:
Linkedin profile:

Since the last catchup on the 4th June @ Stellarossa, Jodie & I have been busy setting up some of the structure behind the StartUp Mackay group, including some of the following:

• Creating the Not For Profit Entity ‘Startup Mackay’.
• Contacting other Startup organisers from Townsville, Cairns, Atherton, Toowoomba, Startup Queensland, Startup Australia and Up Global.
• Applying to host a Startup Weekend in Mackay via, date to be agreed upon by Startup Australia. Sam Birmingham from Startup Australia to confirm once the QLD Startup Weekend Organisers Summit has been completed.
• Skype Phone call with Up Global to discuss hosting a Startup Weekend in Mackay this year – the Welcome Pack will be sent out this week.
• Applying to host a Mentor Blaze in Mackay via
• Setting up the various media accounts above plus several more including Google Plus,, Eventbrite, Reddit, Instagram, MailChimp.
• Creating a shared Google Apps account linked to Startup Mackay in order to share contacts, documents and other important information freely between organisers.

We are currently looking for other organisers/input to assist in helping with the Mackay Startup group, Startup 101 Workshops, Open Coffee Monthly Meetups, Mentor Blaze, and the Mackay Startup Weekend. Time required at this stage would be a weekly or fortnightly catchup for 1-2 hours to discuss and assign actionable items, plus approximately 2-10 hours/wk depending on the number of volunteers we get. This is just an estimation based on my current experience so far, and input from Sam Birmingham of Startup Australia (he has helped to organise several Startup Weekends in Perth).

Several items we are working on at the moment include:

• Creating a portfolio document outlining roles required, volunteer time required to assist with running Startup Mackay, Startup Weekend, Mentor Blaze and any other events that we may host. We are hoping to have this ready shortly, using the basic principles outlined here.
• Development: Outreach for sponsorship, Speakers, Coaches, and Judges, team delegation, direction
• Project Management: Logistics (venue, food supplies etc), managing financial documentation and fund requests
• Marketing: Social media, promotional outreach.
• Creative: Outreach to design community, SWAG, work with marketing on promotional material
• Technical: Outreach to local tech community. Website admin, and ticketing page management
• A new Logo for Startup Mackay. Small and large designs are welcome for social media.
• Creating documentation outlining Sponsorship to provide to business, info provided here for Startup Weekend.
• Once Startup Weekend Pack comes in this week we will be working on this information.

There are a couple of rules that have to be adhered to when using the format of Up Global for the Mackay Startup Weekend ( Most importantly the Lead organisers need to have attended a Startup Weekend previously. Jodie has attended 2, and I plan to head to the Brisbane Startup Weekend shortly. There are several coming up soon for anyone who might be interested:

• Startup Weekend Brisbane (10 – 12th July)
• Startup Weekend Adelaide (17 – 19th July)

We will still be accepting help from anyone who would like to assist with the Startup Weekend, Startup Mackay Group or Mentor Blaze events even if you have not attended a Startup Weekend.

Please contact Jodie or myself if you would like to help out with any of the above.

Jodie Stanley
0411 688 002
[email protected]

Dennis Murphy
0428 500 880
[email protected]

Dennis is an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer and was appointed President of Startup Mackay Inc. in June 2016. He is a member of Engineers Australia, AISA, MITN, DMLA within the Education, Training, Research and Innovation Pillar, and the Reference Group for the Digital Economy Strategy. He has also been inducted into the Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion program where he aims to encourage Queenslanders to explore and enjoy the benefits of the digital age. You can follow Dennis on Twitter @DenMurphy or connect with him on LinkedIn (

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