GRID Webinar – IP Management on a Lean Budget

GRID Webinar – IP Management on a Lean Budget


SMEs and start-ups are abuzz with creativity and innovation, but with so many other concerns like raising finance… finding good talent… securing customers… thinking about intellectual property (IP) management can seem like a waste of precious time and money.

Yet, finding ways to handle your IP properly might be one of the best investments you can make in the long term – even if you’re on a lean budget, because there are plenty of options.

Find out how IP can be protected with registered IP rights like patents for inventions, trade marks for brands, and designs for the way a product looks.

GRID (Giving Research and Ideas Direction) is a LinkedIn forum and webinar series designed by the Queensland Government to foster innovation and commercialisation knowledge. In this webinar, Matt Lee, from IP Australia, will offer tips and tricks that you can try without breaking the bank, and maybe even use to boost the value of your business venture!

To register for the FREE online webinar please visit: Impact Innovation Group


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