Road to Freedom – How to create a freedom based lifestyle & monetize your passion

Road to Freedom – How to create a freedom based lifestyle & monetize your passion

Today is the last chance to join Digital Nomad and Master NLP Coach Linda McCall and Mark Phillips – Business in Bare Feet to start planning your next great adventure.

If you are experiencing the need to change, career, job or start a direction let’s make it happen.


Are you constantly thinking and wishing about that big dream and just want to find out where to start?

TIME? 12 Midday TO 5 PM – 8th October 2016

WHERE? Shoal Point, Mackay, an afternoon by the beach

WHO?  Personalised coaching in small groups up to 15 people only

WHY? Whatever you want in life is your birthright, so start creating a strategic plan for your future now.  Join like-minded, adventurous souls for half a day to start building a freedom-based lifestyle or business.


This workshop is for you if:

  • You have wanted to plan to exit from your soul-sucking job and create a new life path.
  • You often wonder there must be more to life than what you are experiencing now.
  • You are curious why you keep making the same mistakes in relationships and business.
  • You know that you have limiting decisions that are holding you back from your success.
  • You feel your job is becoming redundant, and you dream of being an entrepreneur.
  • Your children no longer need you as much, and you want to create something new just for you.
  • Your goals just don’t work anymore.


WHAT will I learn? 

  • You will learn and discover how to become a digital nomad or just plan your exit out of the job you hate to create a new career path.
  • How to understand the unconscious mind.
  • How to work with your higher self to create and activate your future.
  • How to create powerful goals that really work.
  • Learn how to attract prosperity mindset to attract financial freedom or do you have a poverty mindset?
  • Discover how to change your mindset to attract new friendships on their road to freedom.
  • Discover the four basic survival skills of health through change.
  • Learn how to map and navigate a new direction in life.
  • Learn to live an extraordinary life.
  • Even if you don’t know what you want for the future, this afternoon of mapping and navigating a new direction will change the course of your life so be ready to begin our road to freedom.

Meet Digital Nomad and Internationally Certified Master Coach Linda McCall who will guide you through the day of planning goals, discovering values to get you started on your journey. Special guest is Business Mentor, Digital Nomad and Ambassador for Microsoft, Mark Phillips.

Give yourself permission to be successful and create a new direction in life that you love. To create change you have to have a mindset for change start.  Begin mapping your road to freedom and success.

What are people saying about this workshop? 

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I cannot recommend the Change Your Mind (now Road to Freedom) workshop enough! It honestly changed mine! I wasn’t sure what I needed and went into it with an open mind and came out with so so much! Thank you, Linda, you’re an angel.

– Rikki Dryden Euro Moto Tours Founder & Director


Workshop is TOMORROW – 8/10/2016! 12-5pm Shoal Point, QLD tickets on Eventbrite.


Dennis is an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer and was appointed President of Startup Mackay Inc. in June 2016. He is a member of Engineers Australia, AISA, MITN, DMLA within the Education, Training, Research and Innovation Pillar, and the Reference Group for the Digital Economy Strategy. He has also been inducted into the Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion program where he aims to encourage Queenslanders to explore and enjoy the benefits of the digital age. You can follow Dennis on Twitter @DenMurphy or connect with him on LinkedIn (


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