Startup Weekend Mackay 2016 – Build a Startup in a weekend!

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Are you keen on building a real-life startup, or just excited to be involved in building a real-life startup?

Participating in a Startup Weekend will give you that chance, where you’ll get to experience the highs, lows, moments of clarity and most importantly validation of your idea!

Don’t worry if you don’t have an idea! You’ll listen to passionate pitches from others on the Friday night and pick the one you love the most to work on. If you do have an idea, you’ll have 60 seconds to pitch it and convince others (including IT developers, business people, and designers) to come work on your team! It doesn’t have to be serious, you can have fun with this and make something fantastic up on the night.

After you’ve got a team, the fun begins as you start solving the problem, looking at how you’ll build your solution and getting under way. In just a weekend, you’ll be finding your real-world clients and determining how your solution will solve their problems. For the IT developers and technical participants, pick your favourite language and framework and mock/hack out a demo or two as you go.

When you register you will get:
– All your main meals and drinks over the weekend.
– Access to a huge range of mentors who have done what you want to do.
– A chance to win some of the huge prizes up for grabs.

Friday, November 18 – 20, 2016
Event starts at 5:00pm

Split Spaces Coworking
CQUniversity – Mackay City Campus
Building 4, Level 2
Wood Street
Mackay, QLD 4740

We’ve got a team of experts to mentor you across the Startup Weekend in all aspects of your fledgling startup – from IT to business to design and more. It all wraps up on Sunday afternoon where you give a final pitch to a panel of local and out of town startup figures — and you might even score some investment to keep going!

In short, the goal of a Startup Weekend is to bring passionate potential entrepreneurs – just like you! – together to collaborate on innovative ideas, and have a life-changing experience whilst doing it all.

What makes Startup Weekend so valuable is that it helps you:
– Validate your business model.
– Build a team around your business idea.
– Gain exposure to investors and advisers to help get your idea off the ground.

Facilitator - Daniel Johnsen

Founder, The Recovery Station (winner of SW Lex 2013)

From: KY (we love bourbon), live in Louisville, KY; small stint in Charlotte, NC

Background: Founded a few companies, currently making a vending kiosk that dispenses pre/post workout drinks like protein shakes that are customizable and blended on-demand for everyday athletes in gyms (idea was the #1 placing idea at a Startup Weekend during a global startup battle). I’m heavily active in Louisville & KY’s startup scene where I help from basic mentoring with early stage ideas, organize Startup Weekends, throw happy hours for the startup & tech scene, the go-to person for pitch feedback before our area accelerator demo days, and random other items that I often forget and just do as they show up on my calendar. I have a passion for asking some pretty forceful questions to get early stage entrepreneurs to evaluate their market, problem and solution and arrive at some decision point sooner rather than waiting 18+ months to launch MVPs, scale or bury the idea.




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Dennis is an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer and was appointed President of Startup Mackay Inc. in June 2016. He is a member of Engineers Australia, AISA, MITN, DMLA within the Education, Training, Research and Innovation Pillar, and the Reference Group for the Digital Economy Strategy. He has also been inducted into the Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion program where he aims to encourage Queenslanders to explore and enjoy the benefits of the digital age. You can follow Dennis on Twitter @DenMurphy or connect with him on LinkedIn (