Diploma of Social Media Marketing now available in Mackay

Diploma of Social Media Marketing now available in Mackay

Queensford College (RTO 31736) is offering a Diploma of Social Media Marketing via their Mackay Campus.

Through this Diploma, you will not only learn all there is to know about social media, you will also build a social media marketing strategy and implementation plan which you can immediately apply to your career/business.

Social Media appeals to a wide range of student segments, including high shool graduates, business owners, social media newcomers, job seekers and advertising or marketing professionals.

For more information:

  • Call into their campus 3/72 Sydney Street
  • Phone 0456 366 904 or (07) 4818 0259

What you will learn:

  • Key core marketing concepts and strategies such as establishment of the marketing mix, and interpreting market trends & developments.
  • How to conduct a marketing audit to ensure your approaches are hitting the mark.
  • The approach to plan, implement and manage blog and content marketing.
  • How to establish and build a strong personal brand in social media, including key mainstream mediums.
  • Key strategies to plan, implement and manage email marketing, mainstream and niche social media marketing strategies.

VET FEE-HELP Available:

  • You can also pay course fees through the Australian Government’s VET FEE-HELP loan scheme.
  • We can help check your eligibility to see if you can start studying now and pay for your course later.

VET FEE-HELP is a student loan scheme for the Vocational Education and Training (VET) Sector that is part of Higher Education Loan Programme (HELP). More information can be found at studyassist.gov.au

Dennis is an Electrical and Control Systems Engineer and was appointed President of Startup Mackay Inc. in June 2016. He is a member of Engineers Australia, AISA, MITN, DMLA within the Education, Training, Research and Innovation Pillar, and the Reference Group for the Digital Economy Strategy. He has also been inducted into the Advance Queensland Community Digital Champion program where he aims to encourage Queenslanders to explore and enjoy the benefits of the digital age. You can follow Dennis on Twitter @DenMurphy or connect with him on LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/dennismurphy).


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