Lynda Gale

Lynda Gale

Director of 3P Concepts Business Mentor and Training Consultants, Teacher, International Facilitator & Speaker

Lynda Gale is the founder and director of 3P Concepts; a leader in the professional development and training industry. Using the principles she teaches, Lynda combines a unique brand of ‘straight talk with heart’.

Specialising in Workplace Culture and Leadership Development; Lynda is a highly motivated and experienced leader, who understands the challenge of creating and establishing change in the workplace. With formal qualifications in Business Management, Workplace Training and Assessment, and Hospitality Management; for over 15 years she has worked with thousands of clients, facilitating her programs throughout Australia and Asia.

Lynda is passionate about the ‘Power of Communication’, sharing proven tools and techniques in a simple, easy-to-understand format for individuals, teams or leaders alike – the keys to every professional or personal success!

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