Jarryd Townson

Jarryd Townson

Marketing Magician | Director | Coach

Jarryd Townson has conquered mountains in Canada, rubbed shoulders with local and international a-listers around the world, poured beers in London pubs, toured Australia with Shannon Noll “twice”, picked up casual shifts as Santa Claus. He has spent many hours both inside and jumping out of planes, followed Muay Thai fighters to Thailand and back, holds two university degrees under his belt, worked as a qualified diesel fitter, been a fire fighter, transformed a warehouse into a creative garment printing hub, turned a run down pub into an incredible multi-level sports bar, rolled out freestyle motor cross shows around the country and the list goes on…all the while, harbouring a deep seeded passion for marketing.

Jarryd has managed, marketed, sold, developed, created and fixed a plethora of elements during this time.

Some would say it’s in his blood. He talks, walks, breathes and thinks about creative strategies, experiential ideas, innovative approaches, out-of-the-box promotions and branding that grabs and keeps the public’s eye. His extensive knowledge and first-hand world experience has contributed to the successful development and running of several businesses. More recently, Fox & Buoy Marketing agency in Mackay.

His recognition and experience extends to accolades during his stint in the army, widespread promotions and marketing for an international snowboard company, the successful running of a restaurant on the glacier, active involvement in clubs and committees through Muay Thai, hockey, go-karting and his time as an active member of the Apex Club of Australia, not forgetting his community involvement and development in creating Not For Profit entities.

His passion and drive, teamed with the experience and knowledge he has gained throughout his career, has empowered him to become a motivating and inspiring team leader who has the skills to not only ensure the successful consulting in running startup businesses, but the ability to see a vision that no one else sees as possible.

Specialties: creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship, sponsorship, marketing, promotions, idea development, external opinion appraisals, idea and concept development, activation, experiential.