Lyn Yaworsky

Lyn Yaworsky

Business Coach / Marketing Strategist / Implementation Partner

With over three decades of gut-slogging-in-the-trenches experience, Lyn has launched successful businesses across 3 continents; England, Hong Kong and Australia.

Having coached and mentored with businesses from start-ups to multi-nationals, movie stars, pro golfers and more than a handful of gazillionaires,

Lyn’s passion now lies in working with the “hungry” … Hungry for support, acknowledgement, recognition, clarity, direction and success.

As a single mum (thank #@* they’ve grown up!) Lyn has faced all the highs and lows that life can throw around. Sometimes having to choose between paying the rent or feeding the kids – yep.. she has known ‘hungry’ herself on many levels.

Lyn now works with entrepreneurs to help them discover potent and persuasive ways to speak about themselves and their products or services…so they can stand out, broadcast their brilliance and gain success.

She is also the creator of the MAP Workshop Program and the group coaching program for small business owners – One Hungry Bear (Club).

In her spare time Lyn also consults to Vosky Bodies as a health and nutrition coach and she is in demand as a judge at bodybuilding competitions throughout Australia.

Currently, Lyn supports spinach as a food group and Game of Thrones as educational television.



Ready to take your business to the next level

I’m Lyn, a Marketing Mentor and I’ll help you. But, I warn you… I don’t do fluffy and lame. I do real, down and earthy, hands on sh*t that gets you clear on your marketing strategy and tactics to get you rrooaarring and growing.

I occasionally use colourful language – I say it as I see it and can be forthright –  if that bothers you, try and look past it – focus on my twinkly personality instead. Why? Because I care about the results you get.


Lyn owns and operates several companies, including Invention Pathways, an IP Consultancy which consults on Intellectual Property – patents and trademarks. Lyn is also a Marketing Coach and runs a creative agency  called Hipfish. Lyn is regularly invited as an expert guest blogger online. She is often recognised locally after being a weekly guest for 18 months with ABC, talking about marketing for small businesses.

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