Mark Phillips

Mark Phillips

Entrepreneur ∞ Mentor ∞ Investor : "Business in Bare Feet"

Mark is an adventurous soul, whether it be in business or life in general.

He is a serial entrepreneur and global business mentor with a wide range of connections from camel traders in Timbuktu to Heads of State.

Escaping his early careers as both an International Gymnast and a Chartered Accountant he managed to create a number of successful business ventures including the multi award-winning MudMaps International Travel Group.

His affinity for innovation & technology lead him to enjoy great times, projects, people & success at Apple, Microsoft and Knowledgi, where he’s assisted thousands of organisations grow sustainably by leveraging today’s amazing range of information technology tools & services.

Having travelled or worked in over 90 countries Mark loves working with a global network of great people with fantastic know-how.

But you won’t find him in the office often.

When not photographing the world, flying planes, hot air balloons, or motorcycling the globe Mark is probably working with his mentees, or partners conjuring up another Joint Venture or Start-Up in the fresh air and wonderful nature somewhere in the world.

Join him in an adventure if you dare …

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