Pitch & Public Speaking

Pitch & Public Speaking

Pitch & Public Speaking Seminar

Don’t worry…we get it! Pitching your Startup idea to investors and others just might be the most nerve-wracking aspect of starting a new business. For some, it can actually be a pretty helpless feeling asking strangers to decide on the fate of your new venture. That’s why it’s critical to create a great value proposition and pitch in order to achieve success.

Startup Mackay and 3P Concepts are providing an opportunity for you to learn some empowering public speaking techniques & utilise them to test out your pitching skills, ask for advice, and solicit feedback. Professional speaker Lynda Gale will provide advice on ‘The Language of Influence’ and also members from the Startup Mackay team will share their lessons from pitching at other Startup Weekend events.

We understand the last thing you want to do is expose your nerves because you’re sleep-deprived, edgy and possibly suffering startup angst from practising your pitch in the mirror over… and over… and over again. Whether it’s your first or second venture, sometimes it takes time and feedback to convey your ideas right. We invite you to come along and practice your pitching and public speaking skills amongst a team of professionals and other eager entrepreneurs so you can learn to Pitch Perfect and influence savvy investors to commit to your next venture!

Booking Fee: $10
Date: 10am – 2pm Saturday 17th October 2015
Location: Senior Citizens Hall – 58 Macalister St, Mackay City

For more information please email [email protected]