Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Aurecon Bridge Building Competition

Startup Mackay would like to wish all entrants a HUGE congratulations for taking part in the Aurecon Bridge Building Competition. Judging of the 250 entries from 16 schools in Mackay is taking place at the CQ University in Ooralea today.

The Aurecon Bridge Building Competition helps some 1000 Year 8 and Year 9 High School students bring their ideas to life by encouraging them to develop their understanding of science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) by building a bridge using icy pole sticks, string, glue and cardboard.

The competition not only provides students with a bridge engineering challenge to solve, but also provides the avenue of feedback from expert judges. The battle for the cash prizes will be played out in front of all local participating schools at each judging location, with the spectacle of seeing the bridges load-tested to destruction.

STEM subjects are the building blocks for the inquisitive, adventurous and inventive to make engineering and technology work, but are also considered to be an important building block for the future of the Australian economy.

To find out more about the competition visit Aurecon’s website:


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